Our decline in hormones accelerates our aging process. Diet and lifestyle affects the level and rate of hormone decline in bodies. We believe that lifestyle is the most important facet in hormone management as well as the rest of Functional Medicine. However, as we age everyone regardless of their apparent level of overall health would benefit greatly with gentle and managed hormone replacement. This need is evaluated through evaluation of symptoms and hormone level testing. Each individual hormone plays numerous vital roles in our bodies. For example, estradiol (estrogen) alone has over 400 jobs in the body and many of them do not necessarily have to do with gender-related function. Estrogen replacement in women improves changes in memory, mood, skin tone, body fat percentage, bone density, energy levels, sex drive, inflammation and even pain threshold. Testosterone replacement in men improves mood, self-confidence, body fat percentage, sex drive and decreases risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease.

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