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Meet The Staff

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Other information:

Steven Williamson CNC, CPT

Steven has studied nutrition for 26 years and competed as an athlete for most of his life. As a competitive body builder and athlete he has spent his life studying nutrition in order to give him the competitive edge to win in competition. In 1997 he took it to another level and began the journey of helping and teaching others how to achieve optimum nutrition and fitness. Both he and the Doctor attend 6-10 Medical Conferences and Seminars a year to stay on the cutting edge of Functional Lifestyle Medicine especially as it pertains to optimal nutrition and detoxification. Together with his background in communication and public speaking, Steven has implemented life coaching into LHI’S Functional model and is producing some amazing results in the areas of chronic stress and life management.

Steven also enjoys a deep passion for God, family, martial arts, and surfing. You can usually find him and the Doctor on one of their favorite beaches.

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