Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board

Founding of Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB®)

As the demand for compounded medications has increased, the pharmaceutical profession saw a need for a system of standards by which each compounding pharmacy can test its quality processes. Compounding pharmacists also wanted a mechanism to allow them to know that they are producing a high quality compound, and in doing so, providing the best quality to their patients. PCAB Accreditation gives patients, prescribers and payers a way to select a pharmacy that meets or exceeds USP’s high quality standards.

Eight of the nation’s leading pharmacy organizations joined together, contributing their time, money and leadership, to create PCAB: a voluntary quality accreditation designation for the compounding industry.

Organizations who founded PCAB and whom make up the PCAB Board of Directors:

  • American College of Apothecaries
  • National Community Pharmacists Association
  • American Pharmacists Association
  • National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations
  • International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
  • National Home Infusion Association
  • National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
  • United States Pharmacopeia
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